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The Reanimator Returns

Updated: Mar 7

Feast your eyes on an adventure that features the return of one of H.P. Lovecraft's most iconic villains.

A string of odd and unexplained disappearances in the backcountry of Vermont peaks the interest of the FBI's newest top secret branch, Department 29. A reporter with more reason than most to investigate these disappearances pieces together that they all occurred on roads leading toward the town of Colter, and vowed to uncover the cause, but has also since gone missing... What awaits the heroes of Department 29 when they pick up the pieces of this investigation and make their way to Colter Town? Only time will tell.

The Reanimator Returns is a Pulp Cthulhu sandbox scenario for 3 - 4 players and sees the players taking up the roles of Department 29 agents as they seek to uncover the secrets of Colter Town.

Enough content for over 5 hours of action packed entertainment, as well as optional alternate beginnings to fit to your group's playstyle, and seeds to keep the horrors going in home grown sequels!

This scenario includes:

  • 12 NPC portraits

  • 2 information handouts

  • 3 maps

  • 4 pregenerated character sheets with custom NPC portraits

  • and much, much more!

Can you stop that which wakes in the sleepy town of Colter?

Listen to a play-through of this scenario on the Stars Are Right podcast!


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