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Phaedra Keeps an Eye

Reviews of Community Content from the Miskatonic Repository

Hi, I'm Phaedra. I'm Stars Are Right's main campaign Keeper, co-editor, social media manager and co-founder!

The Call of Cthulhu and TTRPG communities have been some of the most welcoming I've been in throughout my life. So, I'd like to give back.


This blog is dedicated to reviews of community content from the Miskatonic Repository. I aim to Keep every game before I review it, so that I can also offer a fun synopsis of my game and some tips for Keepers who have read the scenario and want some more ideas on how to run it. 

I will be playing these games either with my own friends, with the Bristol Women & Non-binary Role-players Club I've founded, or online on my Discord communities.

NOTE: This review blog is currently on hiatus while I dedicate my time to other projects, so I'm afraid I can't add any more scenarios to my queue.

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