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The Exhibition of Dread

A modern-day Call of Cthulhu scenario that will haunt your nightmares...

Join us in modern-day Boston, where mysterious occurrences take place at night on the campus of the local Modern Art College...

The investigators venture into the creepy building past curfew to find inspiration for their latest art projects, but find themselves haunted and trapped in a dreadful art exhibition that threatens their lives and their sanity.

The Exhibition of Dread is a modern-day, sanity-draining convention scenario that all takes place in a campus building. It's best recommended for 3 - 4 players, but offers 5 artistic pre-generated investigators to choose from!

This scenario includes:

  • 4 NPC portraits

  • 2 information handouts

  • 1 beautiful map

  • 5 pre-generated character sheets that can be customised

  • 7 spooky illustrations

Can you discover what lurks in the depths of the Art College and escape to tell the tale?

Listen to a play-through of this scenario on the Stars Are Right podcast!


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