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goodies that support the show

Printed Merch

Printed delights of all shapes and sizes, to please every taste and pocket! Adorn your flesh prison, decorate your lair, or give a loved one a gift that says "I hope you're spared".

More designs will be added regularly! Both our shopfronts ship internationally. They carry a slightly different range of items and sizes, so feel free to check out both.

dice bag.jpg

Dice Bags

by Beverly in Stitches

Custom-made by hand and to order! Support both your favourite actual-play podcast and an independent crafter, and keep your dice safe and portable in the beautiful home they deserve!




  • 100% washable, high-quality cotton

  • Fully lined, with drawstring closure

  • Your name or gaming handle stitched onto the top edge

  • 4 felt pockets around the inside space - keep up to 5 sets separate

  • Glow-in-the-dark lining! Like storing your dice in a cosmic pocket dimension!

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