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Soul Scorcher

A Patreon-exclusive system agnostic horror adventure set in a 1980s arcade

The school week has just finished, and you're all excited to go to your local hangout Buzz's Arcade for the grand opening of the Soul Scorcher arcade machine! Tonight isn't any ordinary night at the arcade however, as it's going to be the first ever arcade shut-in! 7pm to 7am, 12 hours of arcade action, and a grand prize for whoever finishes the Soul Scorcher first!

Think you can survive Soul Scorcher?

Written and designed by our own Braydon, this one-shot horror scenario is bonus content for our Cult Elder and Avatar supporters. They can download it here.

You can run it using any game system of your choice - just reference the quick-start rules available among the free resources our website.

We hope you enjoy it!

As ever, we'd love to hear about your experiences playing our games - you can drop us a line on Discord or social media.


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