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Heartless in Loveland

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

A Cryptid-filled adventure featuring swords, subterfuge, and earth-shaking tremors in 1970s Loveland, Ohio. The city will never be the same…

Loveland is a city with an obscure past to say the least, but things have finally started returning to normal after a number of odd occurrences in 1972 left the town labelled as a "paranormal hotspot". The weekend is almost here; Downtown Loveland bustles with business while, on the other side of town, the scouts excitedly run around the grounds of Loveland Castle. Unbeknownst to locals, a vile plot is reaching its boiling point, and is set to shake Loveland to its very foundations and change the city forever!

Heartless in Loveland is a sandbox scenario appropriate for 3-4 players, and picks up three years after 1972's real-world sightings of Ohio's most famous cryptid, the Loveland Frogman.

Enough content for at least 8 hours of thrilling gameplay, including optional encounters for extra action! This scenario has no shortage of handouts and imagery:

  • 10 NPC character portraits

  • 6 information and clue handouts

  • 4 pre-generated characters with links to the story

  • 4 unique emblems designed for factions within the story

  • 3 location photographs and 2 maps

There is enough information on the setting and factions for creative Keepers to use Heartless in Loveland as a springboard for countless more investigations and adventures utilising the city as the home base.


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