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Consequences of Cthulhu

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

FREE - a collaborative TTRPG scenario-creation party game for 3+ players!

On our Keeper Phaedra’s birthday in 2021, Stars Are Right came up with a party game unlike any other. A party game that can allow a brave group to collaboratively create a horror (and for us specifically Call of Cthulhu) Tabletop Role Playing scenario - going from scratch to a complete scenario in a single evening!

A brave Game Master/Keeper can even run it for the group on that same night - or take more time to make sense of the chaos first.

On this first anniversary of that game, we're releasing the rules for free, so it can be enjoyed by TTRPG groups far and wide! It’s quite simple, inspired by the parlour game “Consequences”, and can be customised to your group's preferences.

The recording of our own playthrough of a scenario we made with Consequences of Cthulhu, with brave Keeper Jayson at the helm, will be released soon for the enjoyment of our patrons. We had a goat of a time!

If you play the game with your friends, please let us know on social media by tagging Stars Are Right, or join our Discord server and have a more personal chat with us. We'd love to hear about your experiences!

Consequences of Cthulhu, by Stars are Right
Download PDF • 2.65MB

printer-friendly B&W - Consequences of Cthulhu, by Stars are Right
Download PDF • 1.04MB


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